Top 10 Players To Win Most Penalties

Ashley Young has been criticised for going over easily in the box, after winning two controversial penalties in as many weeks(against QPR & Aston Villa) for Manachester United.

All of which got us wondering which players win the most penalties in the Premier League. Into The Top Corner looks back over the past 10 years, from the start of the 2002/03 season, and came up with a list of players who’ve been awarded the highest number of spot-kicks in that time.

10. Adam Johnson – 6 penalties in 179 appearances

Kicking off the top 10, it’s the former Middlesbrough and current Man City winger Adam Johnson.

9. Salomon Kalou – 6 penalties in 151 appearances

Chelsea’s Kalou has won the Premier League, League Cup and three FA Cups at Chelsea. He’s also won a few penalties

8. Yakubu – 7 penalties in 248 appearances

For Portsmouth, Everton and Blackburn, Yakubu’s been a handful in the box in more ways than one.

7. Didier Drogba – 7 penalties in 224 appearances

Didier Drogba has a reputation for going over easily, especially considering his size and he’s won a fair few penalties, although his fans would no doubt claim that’s because defenders can’t handle him.

6. Steven Gerrard – 9 penalties in 302 appearances

Steven Gerrard has definitely won some dodgy penalties in his time, but his surging runs into the box do tempt defenders into rash challengers.

5. Peter Crouch – 9 penalties in 280 appearances

Crouch is an awkward customer and his gangly frame has been toppled over for nine penalties at various clubs, including Stoke, Spurs and Liverpool.

4. Gabriel Agbonlahor – 10 penalties in 211 appearances

Villa’s flying forward has been sent flying on 10 occasions to win a penalty in the box in just 211 Premier League games to date.

3. Darrent Bent – 11 penalties in 240 appearances

He scores plenty of goals and he’s won plenty of pens. Darren Bent has always spelled trouble for the opposition, from his days at Ipswich, through to Villa via Charlton, Spurs and Sunderland.

2. Ashley Young – 11 penalties in 200 appearances

He’s won some controversial penalties this season and Ashley Young is no stranger to hearing the whistle parp in his favour, but there is one player who’s won even more penalties in fewer Premier League games over the past decade.

1. Andrew Johnson – 14 penalties in 184 appearances

Andrew Johnson has won a whopping 14 penalties in just 184 Premier League games, which works out as a spot-kick every 13 matches. Be careful when you’re tackling Johnson in the box, Premier League defenders!


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