Top 5 Teams Denied Most By The Woodwork This Season

Liverpool were denied twice by the woodwork in their 1-0 defeat to West Brom, while they have been denied by posts and crossbars up and down the country countless times in the 2011/12 season. But who has been frustrated the most? Into The Top Corner has a look at the top 5 teams denied most by the woodwork this season.

5. Newcastle United – 16 times

A Newcastle player looking dejected – it’s not a sight we’ve been used to seeing recently, but the Magpies have been unlucky on occasions this season, hitting the woodwork 16 times.

4. Chelsea – 17 times

If only a few more of those 17 shots had gone in, who knows where the Blues might be in the table?

3. Fulham – 20 times

Clint Dempsey has had a fine season and scored 16 Premier League goals, but Fulham have still hit the woodwork 20 times.

2. Manchester City – 21 times

Second place – a position City may have to settle for in the Premier League, too? Especially if they keep hitting the woodwork!

1. Liverpool – 30 times

Misfiring strikers have been a problem for Liverpool all season, with the 1-0 home defeat to West Brom the latest in a long line of dropped points coming after the Reds had rattled the woodwork (twice, against the Baggies).


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