Top 6 Teams Caught Offside Most This Season

Have you been frustrated by seeing the assistant ref raising their flag against your team on one too many occasions this season? Into The Top Corner takes a look at the stats (upto 27 April 2012) to see which Premier League teams have been caught out this season far too often.

6. Arsenal – 82 Times

Arsenal have the Premier League’s leading scorer in their ranks and with such a goal threat up front, the risk of straying offside will always be there – Robin van Persie has been offside 39 times this season, but it hasn’t stopped him banging in the goals.

5. Manchester United – 86 Times

Wayne Rooney, with 26 Premier League goals, is just one goal behind Arsenal striker Van Persie and, like the Gunners, having such a prolific player along with an array of attacking talent means United are likely to be caught out more than most. Javier Hernandez, though, has been ruled offside most often this season for United, with the flag being raised 40 times against the Mexican.

4. Tottenham Hotspur & Newcastle United – 89 Times

Tottenham have been caught out 89 times, but incredibly, on loan striker Emmanuel Adebayor has been judged to have been offside on 47 occasions. With Newcastle employing two of the Premier League’s deadliest strikers, it is no surprise that they are up there on 89 offsides, too.

3. Everton – 98 Times

Everton’s 98 offside calls have been shared around the team, with midfielder Tim Cahill top offender, having being flagged 20 times.

2. West Brom – 109 Times

Peter Odemwingie, the Baggies striker with 10 Premier League goals to his name has been offside 34 times of the 109 against West Brom.

1. Liverpool – 112 Times

Liverpool’s misfiring strikers have been the subject of debate on numerous occasions this season and, while they having hit the woodwork more often than any other club (30), they also top the Premier League offside chart. Luis Suarez leads the way, having been caught offside 42 times. The Reds need to address this tendency to stray the wrong side of the opposition’s defence if they are to become a more dangerous attacking threat.


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