5 Reasons Why Manchester United Will Be Champions This Season

With just one round of fixtures to go, Manchester City and Manchester United are both leveled on points at the top of the table but City lead on goal difference and the Citizens are the favourites to win their first title in years.

City entertain QPR in the final match of the season, while United travel to Sunderland. City are odds-on favourite to win the match against the Rs and go on to win the title on Sunday. It seems very straightforward for City to win the title now, but somehow something in me says that come this Sunday, Manchester United will be celebrating their 20th league title. Here are the 5 reasons that are making me think like that.

1. Manchester United Will Win At Sunderland

Last game of the season is a must-win game for United, if they have to stand any chance of winning the title. But having said that and after watching the previous game against Swansea, I feel like the pressure is off Sir Alex Ferguson’s team. It was quite clear from the crowd’s and the player’s attitude during the Swansea game that they believe that the title had been won by City. But all said and done, they will want to end the season with win and will do so by destroying Sunderland, who have nothing left to play for anymore on the final day and whose season seems to have ended for some weeks now. The Black Cats have taken just 5 points from the last 8 games with their last win coming against QPR, more than a month ago.  The stats also favour a United win, with the visitors having won 8 of the last 10 games and drawn the remaining 2.

2. QPR Need To Avoid Defeat To Stay Up

QPR are currently 17th is the league table just two points above the relegation zone. Below them are Bolton with 35 points, two less than the Rs and they travel to Stoke on the final day of the season. Playing against Stoke at the Britannia Stadium is not the easiest thing to do, buts it’s not beyond imagination to see the Wanderers pick all three points. Should that happen, QPR must avoid defeat against Manchester City to avoid relegation just on goal difference. As always, the final round of fixtures will kick off at the same time, so QPR will be desperate to get at least one point which they need.

3. Fergie And His Mind Game 

One can never beat Sir Alex Ferguson in mind games ask the likes of Kevin Keegan and Rafael Benitez. We have seen it in the past and we will see it again this week. This season he has been strangely subdued but in the last week or so we have seen some spark. First, he lost his temper and squared off with Roberto Mancini on the touch-line and late accused the City manager in his post-match interview saying:

“He was out on that touch-line the whole game haranguing the referee, the fourth official and the linesmen. The minute I come off the bench for a bad tackle by De Jong on Welbeck, he was out again. He can’t have it both ways. He’s been complaining about referees this season but he won’t be complaining tonight that’s for sure.”

Mancini didn’t stay quite and replied sarcastically:

“Who said this? Him, no? He doesn’t talk with the referee or the fourth official? No, never.”

Before the Swansea game when Sir Alex was asked if City had one hand on the title? He replied saying ‘No, they have two hands on the title.’ But after the game, he was at it again, goading his form player Mark Hughes to lead his team to an improbable draw or defeat at the home of his fiercest rivals:

“QPR need a point and they’re fighting for survival. The whole future of the club could be resting on the game and I only wish Sparky was playing. But Mark knows his job all right. He was sacked by City in a very unethical way and he’ll remember that.”

I think this is just the start, expect some more comments from both the managers during the week.

4. Mark ‘Sparky’ Hughes

Ambition tempted him to leave a promising “project” at Blackburn Rovers and head to mega rich City in 2008. Just 18 months into the job, he was sacked in bitter circumstances and replaced by the current manager, Roberto Mancini. To this day, Hughes believes that he wasn’t given a chance to complete what he had started and that he would have done a better job than Mancini, had he still been manager. That is his opinion, but what is definitely a fact is that come this Sunday, Hughes will do whatever he can to destroy his former employers’ dreams of winning their first league title in 44 years. Hughes said:

“It would be just fantastic to go there and get something. They are going for the title and we’re trying to stay in the league. When I took over at QPR, I looked at the fixtures and that one lurked ominously in the distant future. It does feel a little bit fated for them and for us.”

If Sparky is able to get anything out of that game at the Etihad, then he will be an even bigger United legend than he is today.

5. Money Can’t Buy Titles

I am a Manchester United fan and I believe that football teams should be ‘made’ and not be ‘bought’. I hope you get the difference. Nothing could be more of a slap in the face of a true football fan than the fact that a club like Manchester City could spend a billion pounds, buy some of the world’s best players and build the best team in the world. Yes, I know its been done before by the likes of Chelsea and Real Madrid and they have won titles but it’s disturbing as well. With the amount of money City have spent over the last one-two seasons, even the likes of Wolves and Blackburn could challenge for the league title. I know now City are the favourites to join the list of teams to have bought their way to a title but it would give me a great deal of happiness and joy were this not to happen.


4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Manchester United Will Be Champions This Season”

  1. De Gea 18M, Hart 250K
    Berbatov 36M Aguero 35M
    Ferdinand 26M Kompany 6M …..your starting XI the weekend just gone by cost more than city’s. Dream on…you’re clutching at straws here!

  2. De Gea 18M, Hart 250K
    Berbatov 36M Aguero 35M
    Ferdinand 26M Kompany 6M

    Young and Jones both about 18M each too…justify that!?

    Your starting XI cost more than Citys the weekend just gone. You are desperately clutching at straws. City will win the title and I will enjoy seeing every United fans face after it. Your time has come and gone

    1. De Gea 18M, Hart 250k
      Jones 18M, Zabaleta 5.5M
      Ferdinand 26M, Kompany 6M
      Smalling 12M, Lescott 22M
      Evra 5.5M, Clichy 7M
      Park 4M, Yaya 24M
      Scholes 0M, Barry 12M
      Carrick 18M, David Silva 24M
      Giggs 0M, Nasri 25M
      Nani 17M, Tevez 32M
      Rooney 25.5M, Aguero 39M

      United 144M, City 196M

      City’s starting XI costed 52M more than United’s on Monday night. United have spent and brought players but not super stars. They have brought young players and developed them into starts unlike City who have brought players who have already made their name with other teams.

  3. bullshit…..it is never an offence to buy players….if u got bukcks then ofcourse even an idiot would prefer to improve squad…..Look at REAL MADRID…spent around 300 million in 4 years to buy most established players on earth and the era of los blancos!!…its not abt buying players but its all about making them play together as a team!! Los blancos failed for some years but now they r bak….similarly Fergie has less worries abt his team coz every1 operate on same frequency and no ego clashes unlyk mancini’s team where u not only have to control team but make the play lyk a team!!

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