Manchester United Unveil New 2012/13 Home Kit

Manchester United have today unveled their new home kit for the 2012/13 season with a design inspired by the club’s rich history and close bond with the heritage of Manchester.

The shirt is inspired by gingham, a fabric first produced in Manchester during the Industrial Revolution. Its iconic checked pattern remains an enduring symbol of the city’s culture today. The new design pays homage to the role that working-class values such as respect, hard work and responsibility have played in building a club defined by glory. The new kit truly is ‘Made of Manchester’.

United forged by industry and now a powerhouse of world football, the club remains forever intertwined with its local roots. A motto on the inside of the shirt’s collar, ‘Forged in Industry, Striving for Glory’, reminds the players to uphold this tradition every time they step out on to the pitch.

The shirt’s contemporary design reflects Manchester’s industrial heritage. The black V-neck with devil logo on the back helps to emphasise the tone of the shirt, and the cuffs can be rolled up to reveal prominent contrast detail on the inside. The club’s trademark white shorts and black socks carry a stylish red trim.

The bodies of every member of the United squad have been scanned to help adjust the overall fit to the player’s body. The kit is manufactured from the latest atom fabric, which is highly breathable with enhanced stretch to provide the strongest shirt yet, and side-panel laser cooling helps players stay cool. Each pair of shorts is made from 100% recycled polyester and the fabric of each shirt is made with a minimum 96% recycled polyester. Around 13 recycled plastic bottles are used in each kit.

You can pre-order the new United shirt from now.


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