He Is Back!! – What Does Rooney Bring To The Team

Wayne Rooney, is the world-class talent manager Roy Hodgson and the rest of the country have been waiting for after England were forced to begin their UEFA EURO 2012 campaign without the suspended forward.

Many will have forgotten that since Rooney scored twice against Croatia in UEFA EURO 2004, he has failed to find the net in nine tournament games, suffered a broken foot and has been shown a red card. On Tuesday, against Ukraine in Donetsk and probably in place of goalscoer Andy Carroll, the nation’s hopes will be riding on the shoulders of the Manchester United star. This is what he brings to the team..

1. Possession

He has completed 1,634 of 2,208 passes (74 per cent) in his game for England and effectively doubled as a midfielder and a striker. He operates mainly in the hole behind the striker but drifts out wide and drops back from his average position at the front of the centre circle to help out his teammates and defend.

2. Work Rate

Rooney ran 197.7 miles for Manchester United last season, further than any member of Roy Hodgson’s squad for their clubs, and has the enegry to cover a huge area. That should close the gap between midfielders Sott Parker and Steven Gerrard to Danny Welbeck.

3. Finishing

28 goals in 74 internationals, half the squad’s tally and nine more than Welbeck, Andy Carroll and Jermain Defoe have scored for England combined.

4. Creativity

Produced 110 chances to show the guile he provides. It’s a shame his teammates converted only 13 of them.

Here is NIKE Football – My Time Is Now advertisement on Wayne Rooney..


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