FIFA 13 – Career Mode Twitter Q&A

On 23rd July, EA Sports FIFA 13 producer Santiago Jaramillo answered questions about the Career Mode on their official Twitter account. Here is the complete set of the Question and Answers.


Q: bponair: @EASPORTSFIFA #FIFA13CAREER so you can now work as an international manager, separately to league, or with a league team?

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @bponair You can accept an offer to manage a national team IN ADDITION to managing your club #FIFA13Career

Q: chrisglend: @EASPORTSFIFA as a career mode manager will you be able to manage your club and national teams at the same time? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @chrisglend As a Manager you start with a club. then, depending on where you manage and how well you are doing, you will get offers from national teams.

Q: Caolan_LFC: @EASPORTSFIFA will the World Cup/Euros/Confed. Cup be on career mode aswell? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @Caolan_LFC Lots of International tournaments to play in. World Championship, European Championship, Conf. Cup, qualifiers, friendlies.

Q: dvillabon: @EASPORTSFIFA #FIFA13Career is Venezuela one of the national teams this year?

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @dvillabon Yes, Venezuela will be in the game. I already played them with Colombia 🙂 #FIFA13Career

Q: DavidMikhail: @EASPORTSFIFA #FIFA13Career Will Canada be one of the national teams?

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @DavidMikhail No, no Canada national team this year 😦 Maybe next year!

Q: LawrieTubb: @santiagoj83 In career mode, can your players get called up? Eg African cup of nations, so you’d lose players like gervinho? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @LawrieTubb @santiagoj83 We don’t have all the regional tournaments this year, but we do have a South America Cup and European Championship.

Q: MrCrazy3000: @EASPORTSFIFA Can you get offers for a national team job while managing another national team?

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @MrCrazy3000 You can decide to ‘stall’ offers from national teams. The contract will have an expiry date, but you will continue to receive offers.

@MrCrazy3000 ./..but once you are managing a national team, you have to resign if you want to get new offers #FIFA13Career

Q: isisrocha: @EASPORTSFIFA #FIFA13Career with an international team I can call the players of that country that I want?

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @isisrocha Yes, you will be taken to a Squad Selection screen before tournaments and matches where you can choose from all the players.

Q: MrCrazy3000: @EASPORTSFIFA @EASPORTSFIFA If you are managing a smaller club will you still get national team offers? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @MrCrazy3000 Yes, but you won’t get offers from the best.For example,to get the Spain or Brazil job, you need to be successful in a top club.

Q: JudahS_: @EASPORTSFIFA #FIFA13Career are you more likely to get an off from the country you’re working in or the nationality you are?

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @JudahS_ if you do well in the top league, that country’s FA will be more interested in you. Same goes for your nationality. #FIFA13Career

Q: xDanny1812: Seem a bit easy to get a national offer @EASPORTSFIFA Thought you would have to wait at least a few seasons before an offer? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @xDanny1812 The best offers will only come starting in the second season, once you’ve made a name for yourself as a manager.

Q: Kav_LFC: @EASPORTSFIFA #FIFA13Career Can you manage a club AND national team at the same time?

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @Kav_LFC Yes, if you accept a national team offer, you get to manage the national team AND your club. BUT, you start the career with club only #FIFA13

Q: MrCrazy3000: @EASPORTSFIFA Can you just manager a national team and not manager a club? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @MrCrazy3000 No, you always need a club job.

Q: Marc8Griggs15: #FIFA13Career when you manage a club,will your player get called up for international friendlies?

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @Marc8Griggs15 Yes, all AI Managers of the national teams will call up players, who will then leave your club if that is the case #FIFA13

Q: Frimponged: @EASPORTSFIFA #FIFA13CAREER – Is it possible to test players for NT team in international friendlies?

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @Frimponged Yes, you can call up any players of the nationality that you manage and try them out in friendlies, qualifiers, or tournaments!

Q: _YOLOscar: @EASPORTSFIFA now that there are National Teams in #fifa13career, is the World Cup in the game?

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @_YOLOscar We will have a World Championship that will follow the same format.


Q: FesLatif: @EASPORTSFIFA any changes made to the way transfers are done? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @FesLatif LOTS. Better Manager AI for CPU teams; ability to specify asking price for your players; more realistic transfers, Player + Cash

Q: chrisglend: @EASPORTSFIFA Could you explain the new FIFA 13 transfers system for #FIFA13Career?

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @chrisglend Couldn’t possibly do that in 140 characters! Complete re-write. Will be much more authentic + lots of new features #FIFA13Career

Q: JasonE__: @EASPORTSFIFA any new features in this years #Fifa13Career thats never been used in the past ones? 

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @JasonE__ lots, for example, you can now ask for extra Transfer funds from your board, but you may have to commit to higher objectives!

Q: fieryrangaa: When being a VP, can you receive transfer offers for your player during the January transfer window, not only off-season? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @fieryrangaa Yes, you can now go on loan and on transfer as your pro in any transfer window. Ask my fellow producer @thisismunny for details.

Q: AntDutra15: #FIFA13Career I think you should have a feature so we know how much potential a player has before I waste money on him!

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @AntDutra15 We’re doing a lot of work on the player growth system as we speak! #FIFA13Career

Q: Dsluss13: #FIFA13Career @EASPORTSFIFA when doing a transfer will you be able to offer a player as well as cash?

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @Dsluss13 Yes. You can now offer one of your players in a transfer deal, and the CPU manager will evaluate how good of a fit he is.

Q: Breeno8: @EASPORTSFIFA #FIFA13Career Are transfers more realistic now? In F12 we saw big names moving clubs every 6 months, that doesn’t happen in real life.

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @Breeno8 Yes, Transfers will be much more realistic this year. @amb3ll has been working tirelessly on that!

Q: nathanrees7: @EASPORTSFIFA Can you reject a bid for a player, and then tell the bidding team what price you want? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @nathanrees7 Yes, ability to specify a counter offer is a big part of Transfers for #FIFA13Career

Q: MrCrazy3000: @EASPORTSFIFA If you ask for too much in the counter offer, can they give an offer lower than your asking price? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @MrCrazy3000 Yes, you will have to negotiate a lot with CPU managers! It’s a lot of fun! I had to fight really hard to get Falcao with CFC 🙂

Q: BrettUnwin: @EASPORTSFIFA could u please explain the counter offer with a bit more detail? Thanks #FIFA13 #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @BrettUnwin In the screen, which looks like a contract, you can specify how much you want for a player that the CPU has made a bid on.

Q: jrussell27: #FIFA13Career will it be possible to move clubs halfway through the season?

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @jrussell27 Yes, we implemented the ability to do Mid-Season job changes. You can browse for new jobs, get offers, quit your national team.

Q: AntonHMill: @EASPORTSFIFA #FIFA13Career if I play Player Mode, can I hand in a transfer request or leave a club in the winter transfer window?

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @AntonHMill Yes, you can hand in a transfer request at any point.

Q: bcfc: #fifa13career All these new additions wont matter when Birmingham city get took over and sign Kaka, Ronaldo etc…

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @bcfc we re-wrote the transfer system and there are lots of improvements there for authenticity.



Q: eivindws: Is youth academy still in #FIFA13Career? @EASPORTSFIFA

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @eivindws Yes, Youth Academy is still there 🙂

Q: mikeastuto: @EASPORTSFIFA Any updates to the youth academy? Specifically player growth? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @mikeastuto Some additions to the Youth Academy, and we are working on some very good improvements to the player growth system #FIFA13Career

Q: stowesport: @EASPORTSFIFA Will youth academy players be able to develop very quickly, like e.g. Rooney did in real life? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @stowesport It will depend on their potential, their playing time, match rating, and other factors that we are working on to improve it all.

Q: farrisonhorde: #FIFA13Career Players should progress even if they’re in the bench, in FIFA12 many potentially good players didnt get to be good cause of this

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @farrisonhorde I agree. We are doing a lot of work on player growth at the moment. It’s going to be MUCH BETTER #FIFA13Career

Q: Sabre0001: @EASPORTSFIFA If you get subbed while playing poorly or tired, will your match rating drop? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @Sabre0001 Doing lots of improvements to the match rating system. We are still tuning it at the moment. Should be much better! #FIFA13Career


Q: JaKeR7: @EASPORTSFIFA what can you buy with the credits you get in easfc? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @JaKeR7 You can redeem lots of cool CM stuff with the EAS FC Catalogue: Re-match option, option to edit players’ appearance, get national team offfer…

Q: BrandonBednarek: @EASPORTSFIFA Will you be able to use these unlockables in other game modes or only CM? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @BrandonBednarek There will be unlockables for FIFA in general, and specific to modes too.

Q: lfcrusayne: #FIFA13Career Do you have to purchase the “edit player” option before starting the CM for it to take effect or does it update mid-CM?

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @lfcrusayne You can ‘unlock’ the option to edit players inside #FIFA13Career from the catalogue, and it will work for in-progress CM games.

Q: PepsiJamie: @EASPORTSFIFA Why not add things like team chemistry and wages where you can buy new boots and items? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @PepsiJamie You will be able to unlock new boots and other cool stuff from the EAS FC catalogue. #FIFA13Career

Q: liam_Cotter: @EASPORTSFIFA can u change your team kit every few seasons? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @liam_Cotter No, you can’t change the kits. They are licensed. BUT, you CAN unlock historic kits for a variety of teams and have them in CM!


Q: eliotclements: @EASPORTSFIFA can you change clubs mid-season as a manager? #FIFA13Career 

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @eliotclements Yes. Get fired, look for new jobs, get job offers from other clubs… I just left Parma after getting a better offer 🙂

Q: MrCrazy3000: @EASPORTSFIFA What happens if you get fired from club job mid-season? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @MrCrazy3000 You will then see what other clubs have sacked their managers and are willing to give you an offer. Won’t be very prestigious!

Q: Murrayyyyyyyy: @EASPORTSFIFA Will more clubs receive face scans? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @Murrayyyyyyyy Yes,I don’t have the details now,but more players have gone through the new face-scan tech and look incredible! #FIFA13Career

Q: pawlik_23: Did you fix match fixtures so we don’t have to play league match on Sat and then cup game on Sun? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @pawlik_23 We are fixing bugs on scheduling. Even more challenging now with Internationals, but we’ll get there! #FIFA13Career

Q: GoOnDanny: #FIFA13Career Can you choose the teams who you want to play in pre-season friendly games?

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @GoOnDanny I really wanted this too, but we didn’t have the time to implement the feature. We had higher priorities for #FIFA13Career

Q: ZS_mkd: @EASPORTSFIFA Is there any “My player mode” in the game? Where we start w/our player in small league and then become star? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @ZS_mkd You can create a player and choose your position. Then work your way up! #FIFA13Career

Q: sirdaz12: @EASPORTSFIFA @sirdaz12: Are the celebrations better when you win a trophy? Should be seen going up and getting the cup. #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @sirdaz12 We have new celebrations, new stadium entrance sequences, etc…#FIFA13Career

Q: Shakhtar941: @EASPORTSFIFA Will be in FIFA 13 Ukrainian Premier League?,.,. #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @Shakhtar941 Sorry, no Ukranian league 😦


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