Football Manager 2013 Announced And Key New Features Revealed

The wait is over as Sports Interactive have finally given us some news on its Football Manager 2013 project which will have ‘more than 900’ additions from it’s previous release, Football Manager 2012.

The biggest new addition is the new Football Manager Classic mode, or FMC as Sports Interactive calls it. FMC offers an alternative, less time-consuming way for players to approach the game. The new mode simplifies the way players manage their club and allows them to focus on the nuts and bolts of taking their team to the top.

Sports Interactive’s studio director Miles Jacobson:

“The introduction of FMC is a major step forward in Football Manager’s evolution. In recent years it’s become clear that there’s a large group of people who would like to play Football Manager, but simply can’t devote the time required to get the most out of the game – in fact, now that they have families and other commitments, even some members of the SI team have found themselves in this position. We decided, therefore, to try to find a way to accommodate players with limited free time, without significantly diluting the experience. We believe that FMC achieves this beautifully.

“I would, however, like to stress to our many, many fans around the world that the introduction of FMC will not impact in any way on the game that they’ve come to know and love. For those who still want the full, ‘hands-on’ experience, FM13 offers exactly what they’re looking for – a bigger, better and even more immersive version of the world’s greatest football management simulation.”

FMC also offers two distinct ways to play; they can either embark on an open-ended career or test their skills in the new Challenge mode. In Challenge mode the player faces a particular scenario which is designed to test his or her management skills over a set period of time – usually half a season. The challenges replicate a variety of real world circumstances. Like is it possible to achieve success with a squad consisting entirely of kids, for example, or can a team that’s bottom of the table on Christmas Day be saved from relegation by the end of the season?

FMC also incorporates a number of ‘unlockable’ features which, if used, make the game a little easier to play – we’re talking in-game purchases. Managers can remove the need for work permits, for example, or add a few million to their transfer budget. Players can ‘earn’ some of these unlockables by reaching in-game milestones, while all are available to purchase if the player chooses to do so.

FM13 also sees the introduction of a range of all-new features and enhancements. Here are some of them:

  • An improved 3D match engine
  • New staff roles (including director of football)
  • Enhanced media interaction
  • New online functionality and global management leaderboards
  • National tax policy (for transfers)
  • Deeper training options
  • Renovated user interface


The game is due for release on PC and Mac (Steam) before Christmas 2012.  The major features were announced at a recent “press conference” that you can watch below. Check from Monday for more indepth feature videos each week.


4 thoughts on “Football Manager 2013 Announced And Key New Features Revealed”

    1. Haha!! Same here.. Can’t really wait for FM 13 to come out.. I am bored of playing FM 12 but thanks to the updated database, its fun again. But I feel FM 13 is going to be just way better than FM 12.

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