FIFA 13 YouTube Event (Videos)

Some of the biggest FIFA YouTube stars had gathered in Guildford this past week to play FIFA 13 and they have captured the results and uploaded them on YouTube. This mean some more gameplay action for us ahead of tomorrow’s demo release.

In attendance were Wepeeler,  KSI, Calfreezy, FIFARalle, Kazooie94, Diabl0x9, AirjapesFIFA, Ph1lp0tt0, iDuel2010 and Nepenthez.

Wepeeler – FIFA 13 Community Day Vlog #1

Wepeeler – FIFA 13 Community Day Vlog #1

Wepeeler – Community Event Montage

Wepeeler – FIFA 13 goals montage #2

 NepentheZ – Skill Games Shooting 1/8

NepentheZ – Skill Games Ground Pass 2/8

NepentheZ – Skill Games Penalties 3/8

NepentheZ – Skill Games Free Kicks 4/8

NepentheZ – Skill Games Crossing 5/8

NepentheZ – Skill Games Lob Pass 6/8

NepentheZ – Skill Games Dribbling 7/8

NepentheZ – Skill Games Advanced Shooting 8/8

DiabloX9 – Premier match commente

Airjapes vs KSIOlajidebt

Calfreezy – Barcelona vs PSG

Calfreezy – Career Mode Gameplay

Calfreezy – FIFA 13 Gameplay – Brazil vs France

Calfreezy – FIFA 13 Gameplay – Manchester United vs Atlético Madrid

Kazooie94 – The Start of the Season

FIFA Ralle – A New Beginning

FIFA 13 Exclusive Gameplay – Air Japes vs. Calfreezy

Ph1lP0tt0 – FIFA 13 – The Perfect Move

FIFA 13 MONTAGE – [EA Youtube Event] by iDuel2010


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