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Football Manager 2013 – 15 New Video Blogs

In the run-up to the launch of Football Manager 2013, Sports Interactive’s Studio Director Miles Jacobson presents a series of video blogs detailing a number of the game’s new and improved features.

Below are all the 15 video blogs so far. Have a look at them..

1. Match Engine

2. Match Day

3. Network Game

4. Leaderboards

5. 3D Match Engine #2

6. Director of Football

7. More New Staff Roles

8. Training

9. Competitions

10. Player and Staff Comparison

11. Transfers and Contracts Part 1: Loans and Scouting

12. Transfers and Contracts Part 2: Transfer Deadline Day

13. Media

14. International Management

15. Interaction

Football Manager 2013 Announced And Key New Features Revealed

The wait is over as Sports Interactive have finally given us some news on its Football Manager 2013 project which will have ‘more than 900’ additions from it’s previous release, Football Manager 2012.

The biggest new addition is the new Football Manager Classic mode, or FMC as Sports Interactive calls it. FMC offers an alternative, less time-consuming way for players to approach the game. The new mode simplifies the way players manage their club and allows them to focus on the nuts and bolts of taking their team to the top.

Sports Interactive’s studio director Miles Jacobson:

“The introduction of FMC is a major step forward in Football Manager’s evolution. In recent years it’s become clear that there’s a large group of people who would like to play Football Manager, but simply can’t devote the time required to get the most out of the game – in fact, now that they have families and other commitments, even some members of the SI team have found themselves in this position. We decided, therefore, to try to find a way to accommodate players with limited free time, without significantly diluting the experience. We believe that FMC achieves this beautifully.

“I would, however, like to stress to our many, many fans around the world that the introduction of FMC will not impact in any way on the game that they’ve come to know and love. For those who still want the full, ‘hands-on’ experience, FM13 offers exactly what they’re looking for – a bigger, better and even more immersive version of the world’s greatest football management simulation.”

FMC also offers two distinct ways to play; they can either embark on an open-ended career or test their skills in the new Challenge mode. In Challenge mode the player faces a particular scenario which is designed to test his or her management skills over a set period of time – usually half a season. The challenges replicate a variety of real world circumstances. Like is it possible to achieve success with a squad consisting entirely of kids, for example, or can a team that’s bottom of the table on Christmas Day be saved from relegation by the end of the season?

FMC also incorporates a number of ‘unlockable’ features which, if used, make the game a little easier to play – we’re talking in-game purchases. Managers can remove the need for work permits, for example, or add a few million to their transfer budget. Players can ‘earn’ some of these unlockables by reaching in-game milestones, while all are available to purchase if the player chooses to do so.

FM13 also sees the introduction of a range of all-new features and enhancements. Here are some of them:

  • An improved 3D match engine
  • New staff roles (including director of football)
  • Enhanced media interaction
  • New online functionality and global management leaderboards
  • National tax policy (for transfers)
  • Deeper training options
  • Renovated user interface


The game is due for release on PC and Mac (Steam) before Christmas 2012.  The major features were announced at a recent “press conference” that you can watch below. Check http://www.footballmanager.com/ from Monday for more indepth feature videos each week.

FIFA 13 – Kinect Features And Trailer

Everyone is excited about the new Kinect functionality in FIFA 13, and EA Sports have released the official Kinect trailer for the upcoming new game along with it’s features. 

Xbox Kinect voice recognition allows you to control some aspects of the game simply by speaking commands. It also has a “refereee feedback feature” recognizes and tracks when you scream at the referee when he makes terrible calls. Here is the complete list of the Kinect features..

Kinect Features

  • Swearing at the referee will not result in yellow cards, instead it will effect referee strictness.
  • Comments Kinect picks up could be used to trigger Career Mode stories.
  • Voice commands can be used to change tactics, formations and make substitutions.
  • In Be A Pro you can use Kninect to call for passes or encourage team mates to clear the ball, tackle or shoot.
  • Kinect will support multiple regional dialects.

Official FIFA 13 Kinect Trailer

FIFA 13 – New Career Mode Features + New Screenshots

With the latest edition of EA Sports’ football game – FIFA 13 to be released worldwide on 28th September, Electronic Arts have shared some information about the new features in the career mode and have also released some new screenshots. 

International Management

  • As your reputation as a manager grows in Career Mode you will now be offered the chance to manage International teams in addition to the club side you are already playing with.
  • Your performance and manager reputation in Career Mode dictates the quality of the international offers you will receive.
  • Your nationality and the league you manage in will also effect the type of International offers you receive.
  • Rumours about interested nations will circulate in the press for some months before you actually receive a firm offer.
  • Squad selection will be a key part of your International management duties and deadlines for selections (one week prior to friendlies, one month prior to tournaments) have to be met.
  • International competitions will run in parallel with the club game meaning you could land a job in the middle of a qualifying campaign.
  • International management has it’s own Career Mode “Hub” keeping your club and country separate.

In Match Live Score Updates

  • Whilst playing your Career Mode matches you’ll now receive audio updates from other games being played in your league voiced by Alan Mcinally and Geoff Shreeves.
  • The live updates cover goal, red card and penalty incidents.
  • Example – Shreeves: “Goal at Anfield, Fulham’s Clint Dempsey scores a brilliant freekick to make it 2-1, 73 minutes played” Tyler “Thanks Geoff”
  • You can select/de-select the matches you want to hear audio updates from prior to playing starting your match.

Player Stories

  • Interaction with players is now more regular with instant feedback received based on managerial decisions.
  • Player Stories can now run for months in to Career Mode re-emerging if you go through a bad run of results or when you sell/buy a key player.
  • Specific Player Stories also occur when managing an International team, meaning you’ll need to keep both club and country happy.
  • Fan stories will now make top news in the press based on team performance.

Be A Player

  • Once you’ve chosen your player (VP or real) you receive a set of Season Objectives to complete from the manager. The type of player you choose (forward, midfielder, defender, etc) will shape these objectives.
  • As well as Season Objectives you’ll also be asked to achieve objectives every four matches. This could include, goals, clean sheets, pass/tackle completion percentages, etc. The quality of opposition over these four games will decide the values you are asked to achieve.
  • If you are unhappy you now have the option to request a transfer, or request a loan to gain more match experience.
  • If you choose to play for a top club with a low rated VP you will not be a first team starter to begin with, you’ll be loaned to gain experience first.
  • If fatigued or playing poorly the manager can now substitute your player.
  • Once your playing days are over can can opt to retire and take up management.

Classified Results

  • After each Career Mode match you now receive a rundown of the classified results through in-game audio (think BBC Final Score)
  • League table updates are also fed back to you as well as any upcoming fixtures. These audio sequences happen less regularly than the classified results.
  • When this audio is running you can still browse all Career Mode menus and continue to the next game week.

Managers Office

  • You can now view any available managerial positions via the Jobs Board, this allows you to change clubs mid season should you wish to.
  • Your manager now appears on the touchline in matches based on customisation options chosen at the start of Career Mode.

Transfer Negotiations

  • The transfer system has been completely re-written for Career Mode in FIFA 13.
  • You can now offer player plus cash and player trade deals to the CPU.
  • When offering to loan players you can now set a future purchase price to sign the player permanently at the end of the loan period.
  • When the CPU makes an offer for one of your players you can now choose to “Counter Offer” to ask for more money. The CPU will then choose to accept, reject or make a counter offer of their own.
  • Contract negotiations now contain advice from your Chief Executive which act as a guide to what they think the club and player may want.
  • When offering contracts you can now choose a role for the player you’re trying to sign eg Crucial Player, Important Player, Future Star. This expectation will effect whether a player chooses to join your club.
  • Prior to making a firm offer you can now make an Enquiry to find out whether a player is available and how much the club want for them.
  • You can now make offers for players directly from media stories by pressing the left stick.
  • A new Financial Strictness setting will limit the percentage of players sales that go back in to your transfer budget (chosen at the start of CM).

Breaking News

  • A new “Sky Sports” style overlay will now deliver breaking and top news to the Career Mode hub.

Edit Players

  • You now have the ability to edit player appearance during your Career Mode seasons. This option can be unlocked via the new EASFC Catalogue.

User Interface

  • You can now read news articles from the media pane whilst the game is advancing.
  • The first time you enter Career Mode menus a tutorial overlay appears to guide you through each panes function.

Career Mode Features courtesy of fifasoccerblog.


PES 2013 Demo News And KONAMI Release Two New E3 Gameplay Videos

Robbyearon (Twitter), who is a representative of WENB Americans and is at E3 right now, has claimed that Konami have told him a nice little bit of information.. He also went on to say that they claimed not to have an exact date on when it would be released just yet.

Remember though, we’re still waiting for official confirmation from the Konami team on this. In the meantime, Konami have released two E3 gameplay videos. Have a look at both of them below..

FIFA 13 – You Can Now Swear At The Referees (New Kinect Feature)

EA Sports shared a bit more detail on FIFA 13 at the annual E3 conference on Monday and while it looks like any other FIFA game that will mercilessly suck up far too many hours of your life, there are a few new features.

Perhaps most notably is the Xbox Kinect voice recognition, which allows you to control aspects of the game simply by speaking commands. It also has a “refereee feedback feature” recognizes and tracks when you scream at the referee when he makes terrible calls that are clear evidence that the game cheats to prevent you from doing too well and the game will react to your verbal fury. Have a look…

EA Sports chief Andrew Wilson unveiled this new feature at the conference with a demo video, but EA also released the first gameplay trailer that shows off a bit more of the game. Have a look…

PES 13 – Ingame Screenshots And Announcement Trailer Released

After EA Sports releasing FIFA 13’s ingame screenshots some weeks back, KONAMI have decided to release the ingame screenshots of the upcoming PES 13. Along with the screens, KONAMI have also released an announcement trailer showcasing a special E3 interview with new PES Team face Kei Masuda. Kei talks about three key areas of PES development this year ahead of showing the new code during the show. 

Ingame Screenshots

Announcement Trailer