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FIFA 13 To Blame For 12% Of Recent Break-Ups In UK

According to a recent survey conducted by VoucherCodesPro, around 12% (more than 1 out of 10) of the recent break-ups in the UK have been caused by the release of EA Sports FIFA 13. 

Of 1,124 newly single people, 12 per cent “specifically mentioned” FIFA 13 as being a contributing factor to the deterioration of their relationship. Of that 12 per cent, almost half claimed that it was due to the FIFA addict spending more time with the game than their partner, while 31 per cent said that FIFA 13 had caused a “change in mood” within the relationship.

FIFA 13’s transfer deadline day specifically stood in the way of 13 per cent of those relationships, while 9 per cent were so stressed out by FIFA 13’s online connection issues that it caused problems with their partner. And finally, men weren’t the only culprits, though, 13 per cent of those addicted to the game were female.

George Charles of VoucherCodesPro.co.uk said:

“We had ’50 Shades of Grey’ causing problems in relationships during the summer, however, now it seems like ‘FIFA Shades of Grey’ as another obsession takes over!. People see video games as a break from reality, but it seems that the virtual world can have implications in the real world too.

“Video games can get addictive, but it’s important to keep a hold on reality and not let it detract from daily life. Games are meant to be a source of fun not strife. Players need to put them into perspective and take a step back if it gets too much. If a game’s going badly, why not just turn off and start again?”